Why DieFoto.nl?


How annoying is this: you need a good photo, but where you look, you find the same images over and over! The same image of that bridge or that skyline. As if Pphotographers only know the one angle and have no creativity? On Diefoto.nl (‘Die Foto’ is Dutch for ‘That Photo!’) you can find images you will not find anywhere else. Made from a unique angle, or under special circumstances. And the collection is expanded monthly!


Photo’s have long ceased to be 2x3. Yet most of what you find on stock sites is that sizes. But what if you need a long photo, as a header across your website? Or rather a square photo to fit that wall in your office? DieFoto.nl offers you beautiful images in all kinds of sizes! We even have a special page with only banner photo’s! How convenient!


Sometimes you finally fin dan image you like, and then have to run down the photographer. And then haggle with him over price and what you can and can’t do, and when can he send the photo… it’s all a hassle! DieFoto.nl makes life easy for you. You can pay and download the image and use it straight away. You can quickly see the resolution to check if the image is usable in your project (and most images are offered in a very high resolution). There is clear and concise information on what you can do with an image.


You are looking for a photo for a specific purpose? DieFoto.nl offers all photo’s in different resolutions. Do you only need a small image for your website? Then you only have to pay a small fee. But do you need a photo to cover a whole wall? DieFoto.nl shows you the resolution and offers you the image in the highest possible resolution.


The photo’s on DieFoto.nl are well suited for your communication. You can use them online or in print. But you can also hang them on your well to decorate your office space. All you need to do is to select the photo’s of your choice and the size and type of print you want — and DieFoto.nl does the rest. Your prints are delivered to your door, wherever you are. What an easy way to bring colour to your space, or give a gift to that esteemed colleague!

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